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Portraits /Commissions

Portraits and bespoke paintings are the perfectly unique gift for you and your loved ones. I specialise and am passionate about creating portraits and figurative paintings.

When you decide you would like a portrait done for yourself or as a gift I can either work from photos or we can have a photoshoot in the studio which I prefer as we can work creatively together to draw out your personality and come up with something that embodies the sitter. The photoshoots can be done in either central London or Manchester studios and last's about two hours.

From there you will receive the photos and we will decide which image will be painted.


All my paintings are on the finest canvases and I only use top brand oil paints to ensure there longevity. The length of time for completion is highly dependant on size and detail.


I am very reasonable on price so here's a breakdown...


Example based on 90cm x 70cm Oil painted canvas with plain back ground:

Studio shoot, 2 hours.

Total : £1500-£2000.00 

Free delivery for Manchester city, all other delivery areas will be quoted for courier delivery.


If you wish for a commissioned piece please contact me via e-mail and we can discuss ideas and quotations.


A painting is a talking piece and can last lifetimes, it can capture that moment in time you want to cherish.



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